Upon request, we will set up a birthday table for you free of charge.
For the birthday child we have a small gift ready.
From 6 children the birthday child and an adult accompanying person have free entrance.
( Please bring your child’s ID, otherwise no discount possible! )

We ask for timely pre-registration!

Note on table reservations: In the case of a delay on the part of the customer (up to a maximum of 30 minutes after the table reservation has been made) a reserved table will be reassigned. We asked for your understanding.

Re-celebration is possible up to 1 month later.

Birthday menu
9,90 € per child
(without admission)

One main course free choice:

1. Spaghetti Napoli / Bolognese
2. Pizza Salami / Ham / Mushrooms
3. Chicken nuggets with fries

incl. 0,5 l drink and 1 ice cream

Bringing food and beverages from the following vendors are not allowed:
Mc Donald`s, Burger King, pizzeria, kebab stores, snack bars and restaurants.

We ask for your understanding!

Reservation under:

06233 - 4577